Why so much attraction for female feet in motion and not?

The female foot fetish hookup, but actually also the male one, is considered as a non-private part of the body to show off: you probably don't know that in reality it is a part that we could define as intimate (if we want) that should be hidden and that not everyone should show off.

In fact, here is a roundup of what are considered the sexy feet of women:

- Female feet with tattoos. It is really fascinating to see a sexy foot with a tattoo on the foot or ankle, perhaps representing a flower or a butterfly.

- Female feet with nail polish. It is an indication of care as well as sensuality to have well-ordered and polished female toenails, especially if red.

- Female feet with stockings. Mind you: we are not referring to what are considered the "anti-sex" par excellence, that is, knee-highs. Here I'm referring to feet enclosed in tights or in the most erotic hold-ups (that boys like so much).

- Feminine feet with wedges. They are especially appreciated in summer when the foot is tanned.

- Feminine feet with wedges. They are especially appreciated in summer when the foot is tanned.

- Female feet in plaster. Yes, I know, it sounds particularly strange but there is more than one person who likes female feet with plaster: this is always testified by various foot fetish websites. And it's not just an artistic matter, but we can talk about a real form of fetishism (I'll explain in detail what it is shortly).

So knowing how to associate female feet fetish dating and shoes is important so that the result is pleasing to the eye of the beholder (obviously referring only to fans). You probably don't know, in fact, that there are models that are considered an aesthetic crime or a blow to the heart for all those who have a fixation on the feet.

I'll reveal what they are:

- Female feet in flip-flops. Especially the beach ones, are considered inelegant, recommended only to go to the beach or better to use inside the walls of the house.

- Female feet in ballet flats. Let's face it, a heel even moderate helps as it gives another conformation that a type of shoe of this kind does not give because it acts.

- Feet dating sites. Yes you're right, it has nothing to do with the model of shoes, but talking about heartburn I could not help but mention them. In short, in this case you'll agree with me that more than showing is better to cover. Women's manicured feet definitely have a greater appeal: needless to say.
After this premise of what's in and what's out let's see why men have an obsession with the feet of females.

Why Men Like Women's Feet 

Girls love shoes, men love girls' feet: this is a certain fact. Maybe you too, my dear friend, have had the chance to say or think "My boyfriend likes beautiful women's feet", or maybe you, my dear male friend, have confessed on a first date "I like girls' feet" (in this case, wait for a second meeting).

But why so much obstinacy towards the feet of women?

"Everything flows" stated the philosopher Heraclitus, to point out how nothing remains constant but how in reality everything is constantly evolving.

It works the same way for tastes: how many times have you found yourself appreciating something that you hate today and vice versa? It's the same for foot fetish dating between men and women: what was attractive and trendy yesterday, today is perhaps no longer considered, or looked at less.

So, once you get past the phase of the teardrop-shaped breast, the mandolin-shaped butt and the full lips, what is it today that attracts modern men the most? According to research conducted by sexologists and psychotherapists, men are attracted to an all-time must-have: we're talking about sexy female feet.

So if you're wondering "but why do I like women's feet?" the answer is soon said.

The sexologist in fact explains that this happens because the feet express those characteristics that a man looks for in a woman as elegance, versatility, care of herself, as well as being considered a symbol of female dominance, especially for lovers of S&M.